FILMMAKER + PHOTOGRAPHER I One of my biggest joys at your wedding is getting to know you and your guests personally. Even with a camera in hand, I will be your biggest cheerleader throughout the day. If you know me, you know I am always down for a good party, including yours! So you never need to worry about an empty dance floor, I got that covered. Emotionally investing into your wedding is what drives my creativity.  It's likely that I'll be crying during a beautiful ceremony or first dance, and cheering like crazy when you make your grand entrance!    OTHER THINGS I LOVE | swimming in Lake Michigan at all times of the year, messy hair, the bachelorette, guava margs from Donkey Taqueria, long road trips.


CREATIVE DIRECTOR + FILMMAKER |  I like to walk around on your wedding day with a time machine in my hands.  What may look like just a camera to you, is a tool to me.  A tool that captures your voices, dance moves, and love, and allows those moments to exist FOREVER.  The idea that kids and grandkids for generations to come will get to relive our stories is something that I never take for granted.  Apart from shooting weddings, you'll usually find me in a black snapback, with an iced americano from MadCap in my hand, no matter the weather.   

OTHER THINGS I LOVE | imperfect footage of raw moments, hiking, full friendships, Kentucky bourbon, MSU basketball, documentaries, "out west," the idea of surfing.


wedding films, like most creative pursuits, are trendy.  the industry and styles are constantly evolving and growing, and that's why we focus on telling stories in ways that will last generations.  our films are story driven with the goal of capturing the vibes and styles from YOUR wedding day. we craft our films using tons of natural audio, and complementary music that will transport you right back to your day for years and years to come.

below are just a few of our all time favorite wedding films

M A G G I E  +  E R I C  |  M I

Maggie and Eric had a truly timeless wedding full of Grand Rapids rooftops, old fashioneds, and nostalgic speeches.  You're going to want to hear her fathers words in this one!

J A C K I E  +  E R I C  |  C A

Jackie and Eric eloped on the cliffs of Torrey Pines State Park in San Diego.  This backdrop and lighting and wildlife was more than we could have ever asked for.  Kicking our shoes off and running on the beach with these two is something we won't soon forget!

S K Y L A R  +  K I R K  |  M I

Skylar and Kirk threw one of the classiest country weddings we could imagine.  Hosted at Buck Falls Ranch, their family's ranch in northern Michigan, the views from this ceremony were stunning.

B A I L E Y  +  T O M A S  |  M I

Bailey and Tomas had a beautiful ceremony in a church under renovation.  It was unique and blended the modern industrial look with the classic feel of a church wedding.  The love these two share is something special.

K A L E E N A + G A V I N  |  M I 

This may have been one of the most unique weddings we have ever been a part of.  From an airplane arrival, to a unity beer, and a proposal right on the runway, Kaleena and Gavin had it all

A U B R Y + P A U L  |  M I

This wedding was a blast! Aubry is our photographer, Brittany's twin sister.  Knowing so many people at this wedding led to an incredible day all around.  This party brought the PARTY and the result was an incredible day and a beautiful film

J O R D A N + P H I L  |  M I 

A classic 2020 love story; hurdling every obstacle that they faced, Philip and Jordan had to change EVERYTHING about their wedding day, but they didn't let that stop their love

A L A Y N A + P A T R I C K  |  M I

it's not too often that we get to film for OTHER FILMMAKERS! every detail was seen and every emotion was felt in this beautiful elopement

T E S S + C L A Y  |  K Y

a first dance at midnight, a rowboat sendoff, a private lake house in Kentucky? this last minute venue charge was nothing short of meant to be.  seriously some of the most fun we've ever had while shooting a wedding

For our complete collection, head to The Sol Collective YouTube page!

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